These instructions explain how to set up a Spektrum DX7 transmitter for 6 different flight modes, using just the 3 position Flaps switch (in combination with the Rudder switch). This way you'll use just one channel for the flight modes and leave the Gear and Aux2 channel open ...

(note that you have to use the DX7 in "airplane mode", not in "heli mode" to fly a quadcopter)


  • switch on your remote while pressing SCROLL DOWN and SELECT
  • go to "D/R Switch Sel" menu (with the SCROLL UP/DOWN button)
  • select "Com Rudd" by pressing the INCREASE button
  • go to the "Input Select" menu (with the SCROLL UP/DOWN button)
  • press select until you reach "Flap:", make sure it is set to "System" (you can change the setting with the INCREASE button)
  • press SELECT
  • set "Flap Trim" to "Inh" by pressing the INCREASE button
  • switch off the remote
  • switch on the remot
  • Press SCROLL DOWN + SELECT to access the programming mode
  • Go to "Mix1" (with the SCROLL UP/DOWN button)
  • go into the menu of "Mix1" by pressing the INCREASE button
  • Select "Flap" > by pressing the INCREASE button
  • press SELECT to jump to the second position and select  > "Flap" by pressing the INCREASE button
  • press SELECT
  • Set rate to "+100%" and "-50%" (with the INCREASE/DECREASE button, you'll have to put the FLAP switch in the "N" position for the first value and into the "2" position to set the second value)
  • press SELECT
  • Set SW to "Mix" by pressing the INCREASE button
  • press SELECT
  • set offset to "10" by pressing the INCREASE button
  • Go to "Flap Sys" menu (with the SCROLL UP/DOWN button)
  • set Flap Norm = UP to "46%" (with the SCROLL UP/DOWN button)
  • press twice SELECT
  • set Flap Mid = DN to "8%" (with the SCROLL UP/DOWN button)
  • press twice SELECT
  • set Flap Land = DN to "100%" (with the SCROLL UP/DOWN button)
  • press twice SELECT
  • set Auto Land to Inhibit (with the SCROLL UP/DOWN button)

connect now your APM to the Ardupilot Mega Planner, go to the setup page and assign different flight modes to the switch combinations of your remote.


I like to have easy access to the simple mode (just to get very quick out of a difficult situation) which is the reason why I have two switch combinations programmed for simple mode. I have set it the way that simple mode is always selected if the "Flaps" switch is on "N" (away from me), no matter if the "Rudder" switch is on or off. This way I have just 5 modes accessible, but I can very easy and quick switch back to simple mode.


(this is based on the blog post by Limebear)



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  • I'm trying to get 6 flight modes from my APM 2.6  using Spektrum DX7s. 
    I've followed the instructions setting up the DX7s, but there is no change in the PWM output in Mission Planner.

    I am getting only 3 modes on the Flap switch.

    Attached is an image of the configuration.

    Any help would be  much appreciate!



  • @ Cody

    I have the same setup - Pixhawk, DX7 and Satellite. I also have exactly the same problem as you getting the modes setup. Your suggestion may be able to select 6 modes but it uses two channels. The purpose of this thread is how to set up the DX7 to get 6 modes using only one ch. That leaves ch 6 and 7 free for a head tracker for example. If I find a solution to our problem I will post. Jonathan

  • Ok guys I finally got my 6 modes working.  This is what I had to do.  And if anyone can tell me that this isnt a good way to do it please fill free.

    Under Travel Adjust I set Gear to +93% and -22%

    Under Flap Sys I set

    Norm Up 100%

    Mid Dn 50%

    Land Dn 100%

    Then under Program Mix 1 I set

    Flap->Gear  On

    Rate: -20%


    SW: on

    Offset: 0

    With this setup I get 6 modes from the Gear and 3 pos flap switch.  I will be playing with what mode goes where but it seems like a decent setup.  I will also be using Ch7 for Auto Tuning and other features as I test and tune the quad.  

  • Fred-  Yes I am in Acro Mode and followed the directions on a new setup to the T 3 different times and still if I watch the switches in Mission planner I can see Channel 6 move but Channel 5 only moves when I move the gear switch.  When I set the Program Mix1 to Flap > Gear it will work when I put MIX- RUD on 1 and move the 3 pos flap switch other then that it just moved Ch 6 on the Mission Planner and Not 5.  

    Felix-  I am using the Spectrum Satellite with the Pixhawk so it just has one wire dirrectly to the Flight controller so I cant switch the wires, thank you though.  would probably helped if I would have said that to start. 

  • Distributor

    Hi Cody, you can swap the wires (of channel 5 and 6) going from the receiver to the APM. [I hope I understood your problem correctly]

  • Cody - you can see my posts above.  I am a complete novice - so wish me like when I get the new Taranis.  I followed the instructions carefully and works great using the Rudder and Flaps Switches.  6 modes no problem.  I suggest setting up another model and trying again.  - you are in acro mode and not heli mode right?

  • I know this post is old but I am having issues with my DX7 and 6 modes.  I finally got it to do 4 modes but I have to use the Gear, Mix, and 3 pos flap switch to do it.   When I follow the above directions chan 6 in mission planner will move around but not Ch 5 which seems to be the one controlling the modes.  Has anyone else has this issue or have any advice?  

  • You have to go back to Calibrate Radio in Mission Planner.  Select all switch combinations until the range is at a maximum for channel 5

  • Ok thanks again.

  • Distributor

    You should be fine if your values lie (at least) 5 - 10 points apart.


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