T3 Qube results


This T3 round was really quite the thing. As such everybody gets a prize! Chris assures me that the 3DR T shirts are very cool. So far he has failed to produce an image of a bumpy jumper person wearing one to prove that is so.

As ever the trying was not without drama and has moved the code and thinking forward a little for all. That's what makes competitions so good for this community. Its why a hat needs to be tipped to all those brave enough to try.

The winning flight really was stunning from many angles. A great looking cube, very long flight time and all hands off to boot.

Top three prizes goto:-

1   Steve Westerfield,  AutoQuad,   longest loiter in each corner  42 minutes between 3 and 5 minutes at the corners
2   Aerhead,                AutoQuad,   a really great looking cube
3   Richard Boyhan     APM, for trying so hard.

For his efforts Steve receives an APM 2.5, Aerhead and Richard uBlox GPS modules. Many thanks to 3DR for supplying these prizes.

Also entering and receiving a T Shirt for their flights

Rob Lefebvre
Ted Van Slyck
Bruno Guerreiro
Scott Berfield

The community should raise a glass to these multirotor adventurers!

3DR will reach out to everyone with coupon codes to arrange delivery of their prizes.

From me, thank you all for entering it has restored my faith in the T3 again!

Bruno you legend, three months of RC experience and you submitted this flight.


Scott, sorry we made you crash.

We will announce the next one shortly.

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  • T3


    I had a great time participating and going though the mission planner and mission execution details.

    Congratulations to all participants and to the organizers for a "challenging challenge"! :)

  • Happy end!
    Congratz to all participants, well done!

    Looking forward to the next contest - with hopefully more entries from various systems.
    Seeing Mario's APM perform with v2.9.2 it will get much harder for the competitors...

  • Great job guys, guess we all have something to learn from the AutoQuad guys, incredible results.

    Wait til next year!

  • T3

    Sweet! Thanks Gary! I had a great time participating, looking forward to the next one. 

  • T3

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks so much, had lots of fun doing it and wow, great prize.

    Looking forward to seeing it in



  • Moderator

    Hi Gary ,

    i would like to doing a test on our VR Brain based quad ... is available an example  waypoint file for mission planner  ? When finish to rain our team can doing some test :)



This reply was deleted.