New Jiangsu China Jiangsu News (reporter Lu Xiang) climb, dive, pull smoke, circling, rapidly pulling high, low-altitude flight, 360 degrees rotation..., September 18 at 2 p.m., accompanied by a wonderful air model flight performance, Jiangsu Province, the 8th National Fitness Games aviation model competition in Suzhou Industrial Park Yangcheng Lake Peninsula aviation model flight camp opened.

The competition has received positive responses from all over the aviation associations as well as aircraft model enthusiasts. A total of 12 district and city teams and 161 athletes participated. The race period is 3 days, with a total of 8 competition items: remote control fixed wing fancy flight (P3M), three-stage line manipulation stunt (P2B-3), remote control time glider (P5B), one-on-one remote control air combat (P3Z), remote control electric around the mark race (F3U), remote control paper aircraft formation flight (P5M-3Z), remote control hand glider (F3K) and remote control special glider (P3K). The competition will be 240 times the competition, in the fierce competition at the same time, showing a wonderful blue sky feast.

"The sky is very wide, we fly together." As a popular sports project, aviation model is not only a more independent competition project, but also a comprehensive project integrating science and technology popularization and quality education. The production and release of model aircraft can not only allow people to enjoy the fun of flying the aircraft to travel the sky, but also to strengthen their bodies, develop intelligence, cultivate a sense of cooperation, improve the spirit of innovation and practical ability. Seeing the hand-made strong eagle soars the blue sky, often makes the young people have a beautiful reverie, inspires them from the hobby into the ideal of devotion to the motherland aviation cause. With the development of economy and society, the aviation model movement has attracted more and more adults to participate.


Suzhou Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Aviation Model Flight Base is a national model camp, built with the current domestic first-class hardened flight runway, open airspace, flying conditions are good. In recent years, the base has hosted various major aviation model competitions at home and abroad.



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