The OpenLRS Project: PCBs ready for test


Hi Guys,

I received the OpenLRS PCBs and we start to working about firmwares.

This is the Tx module of OpenLRS, It gives 100mw 433mhz RF power and its penetrating behind 5-6 concrete building!, we will test it on flight for range. System can controllable by any PPM signal or over RS232(bidirectional)


This is the Rx of OpenLRS,

It is very small receiver that supporting I2C (for IMUNext) and RS232 Telemetry.  It sends the RSSI level over telemetry and RSSI output (PWM).

And our killer 7W Booster for very long range oneway RC control.



All Atmega328 processors including MegaLoad bootloader for firmware update over rs232. All AVR programmers are welcome.

They will in stocks before 2011.


You can follow the OpenLRS project from here

Cheers and Mary Christmas


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  • - Futaba and Jr cases ordered(for one way RC users)

    I believe we'll still be able to get access to the telemetric pins by cutting a slot in the module for a connector.

  • Me too...
  • What's the latest? I really want one of these!

  • does it have any button fr range check?
  • Yes, Yesterday we visited the RF lab of a television station. They have million $ equipments and much more experience about RF and tested our equipments. Power/noise ratios was perfect, Output powers was 100% same as our design powers. Only problem was my logic, OpenLRS devices was configured on usage mode and it's mean transmitter working only %50 of time, but RF power meters measuring total energy and all values was half :(
    I will configure it for full time tx mode and visit the lab again to capturing the output screens of power meters.

    LRS(one way radio) firmware ready for first tests, i'm working on bidirectional telemetry firmware now.

    - Antennas ordered,
    - Futaba and Jr cases ordered(for one way RC users)
    - 7w booster chips arrived(20 units)
    - Gyro and Accelerometer chips arrived (for direct imu)
    details coming...
  • looks like OpenLRS passed the laboratory test:
  • Having it in a futaba form factor with my er9x and telemetry from my autopilot would be nice.

    right now I use xbee inside the er9x and display data on er9x lcd screen.



  • maybe you could add a buzzer to the receiver too, so in case its lost, there is a "beep beep"
  • Yes, you are right. On the subject of boosters, can they be set to a lower output power?
  • Hi Johann, yes, i'm planning to doing that. Because the transmitter sending the servo positions over digital RF module and we can read this values from PC(rs232) or any PPM source.  Search my blog posts, i remember some comments about that on another post.
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