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From TechCrunch:

If you’re into 3D printable stuff, or into remote-control cars, then the OpenRC Project is for you. A gentleman in Sweden named Daniel Norée is sharing his progress on a 3D-printed Truggy, as well as sharing the recipe with theOpenRC Project group that he created. A truggy is an off-road vehicle, in case you weren’t sure.

The cost of 3D printers is dropping both for at-home use and enterprise, so it’s a very real possibility that consumers all over the world could soon have these devices in their living rooms. Crazier things have happened. We’ve seen 3D-printed iPhone docksviolinspottery and even a robotic hand for a child.

If you can print out your very own customized remote-control car with one, count me in. While not all of the parts are printable, such as the wheels, for really die-hard remote control car fans, those are parts that they probably have sitting around in the garage already.

Above is a video that Norée uploaded today that shows some of the schematics behind the parts, and the actual 3D-printing process using one of those fancy MakerBot Replicators:

The project has come a long way in the past few months; here’s a video of an earlier model breaking down:

I want one.

While this isn’t the only 3D-printed remote-control car out there, the advantage here is that you can follow the progress of the project on Google+ and join the discussion. If you’re ready to print one out, go here.

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  • Admin

    Hi Anderl,

    I don't understand , are you saying even if the 3D printed car or parts break down where they are not suppose to, they are better becoz they come out of 3D printer?!  They are graceful , yes , but are they practical? Would you print a coffee cup and drink hot coffee out of it just becoz it looks graceful? The broken car in your link looks funny though :) 

    Instead of printing high stress parts like car chassis or shock absorbers , I would rather print colorful car top , custom snug fitting cases for various boards , gps module , data modems , rx board enclosures, covers for UAV  boards, quads etc etc that last longer. Yes I love to lay my hands on 3 D printer which cost 1k$ +  but I won't be printing items that looks good for display only like miniature Eiffel tower or toy dinosaurs etc.That is what I meant, Cheers

  • Hello Morli!

    Are you serious? This warning applies to all 3D printed parts. The difference is in notify it, or not. Or do you think that the reason for doing so is because the car is better?

    Look at this,


    I think, the grace of the project is that your car get out of a printer, not to get a better car.


  • Admin

    because it says

    "Disclaimer: Note that 3D printed products are not intended for intensive use, and lack the capabilities of production objects. ....."

    Now why would you want to make shock absorbers  when it clearly says not for intensive use     and shock is ur concern !?!  :)

  • Why not also printed shock absorbers?

    Here, an aproximation to this. :-)


  • Neat idea, but I really doubt a 3D printer can utilize plastics that have suitable mechanical properties?  They only print pretty basic nylon or something right?  Most RC cars these days use very high strength plastics, typically glass fiber or even carbon fiber reinforced

  • Admin

    Here is another 3D printer that seems to be good looking too and cheaper I guess.  Material used is recyclable ABS, but also compostable PLA.

  • Admin

    What material is that ? It looks like styrofoam( the shine and texture) but then styro won't make good chassis for off road car I guess.

  • Moderator

    Well its a part of the future that's for sure. I don't think there is a printable foam yet? You should be able to put me straight on that Chris. If there were then it would be the only way to go. Have I missed other suitable materials for aircraft?

This reply was deleted.