The perfect anti-vibration foam


I found the PERFECT foam for the gyros and mags for anti-vibration on the AreoCopter
You all have heard and seen the commercial for Tempurpedic mattress
where the girl jumps on one end and the glass of wine on the other end
that doesn't spill ?
Look them up on the internet and request a free sample. Perfect size and
it REALLY kills the vibration, especially on ArduCopter.
Put this stuff in the Professional housing box under and around the mega and you will be all set.

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  • @Gary, yep, same for me
  • T3
    @chrismcn Well in the winter I suppose all systems should be functional. Something like -20C is not unusual for one hardest week in a winter in Poland or NY/Chicago area if I am guessing right the climate in the US. I have flown many times like that because of lack of better options, but it is very unpleasant (you work like outside space station, in thick gloves, any screw falling is lost forever (in soft snow)).
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    I don't know if its happened for everyone else but helpful google have turned all the ads into mattress and bed foam for me. I love seeing what post content can do to ads. Sorry was that off topic.
  • Kris,

    If its going to flown in very cold conditions I mean very very cold like -2F then I would not use it. Same with sorbothane. Otherwise you have a very good point.
  • T3
    "TIP for cutting viscoelastic foam: put it in your freezer (10F, or -12C) overnight (or 30 minutes). While cold, it cuts like toasted bread."
    Have you just quoted a reason of NOT using this kond of foam in any damping system?
  • How would viscoelsatic sorbothane be an better than mattress-type visco elastic foam in terms of trapping heat or moisture? Their both so similar.
  • I don't think it was ever decided 100% one way or the other what "killed Columbia" i.e. foam, or foam & ice, or just ice, or a heat resitant tile. The jury is still out. In any event it wasn't Sorbathane - there is none on the outside of the Shuttle, and it's a soft material. The "foam" used on the outside of the Shuttle (to insulate the fuel tanks) is sprayed on and solidifies rock hard. Sorbathane is a relatively soft & flexable
  • T3
    "Good enough for Nasa cameras on the shuttle, should be good enough for RC models. "
    Is this the foam that killed Columbia?
  • As others have already said - Sorbathan: used tons of the stuff at work over the years.

    Good enough for Nasa cameras on the shuttle, should be good enough for RC models.
  • I just ordered a 4x4x3/8" sorbothane (durometer 50) see how that works.
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