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  • This really deserves a 3D printed blog post.

  • I wonder if this pen could be used with a simple router pantograph? I have one that I use when I need to make multiples of something in a woodworking project, and can even do 3D routing (to a degree).

  • Different perspectives on this device:

    Manufacturing Engineer: An Additive Process method employing a very poor positioning control mechanism with almost no chance of reproducibility or statistical criteria for quality control of parts.

    Gadget Geek: OMG I gotta get one of those!

    7th Grade Teacher (US): Do you know what kind of 'toy' these kids will make with that thing?

    Ecologist/Environmentalist: I can see oceans of discarded items polluting our landfills and waterways -- a tragedy!

    Game of Drones Guys: I wonder how it takes a paint ball hit?

    Stay at Home Mom: Billie! Stop trying to make a Storm Trooper helmet on the cat!

    Cat: If I had opposable thumbs, Billie would be in for a surprise.

    -=Doug: I think it is a blend of #6, #7, #8 on THIS list.

  • A mate of mine is in purchasing for a leading Australian electronics wholesaler and retailer, who was playing with a test sample of a potential new product.

    He was actually building the skeletal frame of a fuselage with integrated tail and seperate main wing using a hand held 3D pen.  He did the whole thing free hand against the grid of a cutting mat.  The quality and strength was really impressive - easily good enough to fly.

    Hand held 3D printers really are more useful than you would expect.

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