Hi AllMany thanks to all of you who helped and especially Rory Paul. I managed to use the info for a presentation and now have an "angel investor" / business partner, and we intend to run an Aerial Phography business for Agricultural Developement projects in Africa. We are going to Canada at the end of the month to meet the guys from Aerial Insight. Do some training, and hopefully purchase a AUV. We would also love to see the country and meet people who are doing interesting projects in related fields. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would really appreciate it.RegardsRoss WaltersAgricAir, AfricaDurban, South Africa
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    I am interested in purchasing similar kind of system you were looking for...for agricultural and search and rescue operations in Serbia mainly for improving agriculture and introducing some useful aspects of UAV technology to Civil defense and general public as well. Could you tell me about some of the rtf options you came across while searching since I'm having trouble sending you a message? Thank you!

  • Would love to hook up if you can make it. Have a look at Calgary on Google Maps. Bit of a long haul by car but a quick hop as a local flight.
  • I will be starting in Winnipeg, where I will be for about a week and then I was hoping to travel around for another week to see the a bit of the country and meet some interesting people
  • I'm based in Calgary Alberta. I've got a DIYDrones based test rig and a few UAV platforms to get up and running. Where will you be based in Canada? (It's a BIG country)
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    There are several of us GPV/UAV members here in Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding areas.

    (I don't know what part of the country Aerial Insight is located)
  • Hii Ross,
    Wellcome to Canada!!!
    This is Umesh. In Toronto. I am working on Delta wing UAV using Ardu Pilot, Paparazzi and Gumstix. I will be very happy to share my information with you. Where are u landing in Canada ? Tell me some thing more about ur Traning in Aerial Photography.

    My project also inclueds Aerial Photography but proupose is not yet set. I do have a Lots of land in backhome. I can use to help my father for his Agricultural Develpments. :)
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