Zhichuan ZCC210N compass

Hey everybody, I'm attaching the code written by me for the Zhichuan zcc210N 2-axis magnetometer compass module. It's cheap, supports I2C interface and spits out data pretty good, including Direction (N-NE-E-SE, ecc) and angle (0-360°). Tested on Arduino pro mini. Frrrrresh.

NOTE I wasn't able to clearly understand how calibration is made. However the compass works fine even without calibration; google "zcc210n datasheet" for further info.

Note2: you have to input your local magnetic declination and deviation angles in the respective tabs for true north correction.

Bon apetit.


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  • Hi Jess sorry for the delay. The file is attached in this post (look ahead). You should be able to convert it, since it's Arduino C. Tricky compass module, mine stopped working a long time ago.. goodbye

  • I was wondering if you had the actual c code programming file that you would be able to attatch and send? From MPLAB?

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