Edit: Success - http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/it-works-fully-automated-parach...

I want to try this with my quad and see if and how it works.

Here's my waypoint list:

Basically takeoff to 6m (will actually take off the ground myself as AC v2.7.1 doesn't seem do the takeoff).

Then fly to a close waypoint at 10m alt, then to a further waypoint at 60m alt, loiter for 5 secs, release the chute, loiter for 5 secs, descend to an interim waypoint at 30m, descend further to a closer waypoint at 15m and RTL from there. This is in a fairly open area and the drop will be about 60-70m from the takeoff. May change the waypoint positions if there's a bit of wind.

Does that order & logic look about right?

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I'd really appreciate getting the relay option working, it seems a bit backward to have a digital device (APM) driving a physical device (servo) to trigger a digital device (camera).

I hotwired a connection into my stills camera, which I can trigger by setting an output pin on an arduino board to HIGH, and I was hoping to do the same thing from my APM 2.5 in response to camera_trigger events in Mission Planner.

Thanks Randy for your efforts here, looks like there were some serious cobwebs around this part of the ArduPilot functionality, considering how common a use case it must be. Some docs would be great too, even if its just a wiki page to keep track of what is+isn't currently working, I've spent quite a few hours trying to figure it out before being directed to this thread.


Any updates?

Anyone got this working?

All the fixes have been done apparently in ArduCopter v2.9 but it's still in release candidate stage, so not sure if someone has tested it yet. I'm trying to repair my APM2 so am out of action for a bit.

apm 2.5 and arduplane 2.68version ,I have replaced ap_camera files from here trigger function perfect by manual in MP,but still not work on waypoint , i think the camera code not complete at present , I really would like to know when will release next arduplane version.

thanks a lot.


Getting closer to having this working (with ACv2.9). The release servo works on the ground with CH7, but am using the DO_DIGICAM option for the mission.

Will test hopefully in the morning...

Any Luck?

I would like to do servo in WP but i don't have method to do it



    You should be able to select the DO_SET_SERVO command.

Has there been an update to this - I am trying to get camera trigger to work using a transistor and it is not clear how to set this up in the mission planner. There are some transistor options on channel 7 and on the shutter section of camera hardware options, but neither seem to cause anything to happen on the output (i have only checked RC 8). Randy mentioned hardcoding it to PIN 9, is that what was done?


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