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Finally, the day has come!

Gremsy proudly introduces the next generation of our heavy-lifting gimbals: AEVO

Seamless, stable, and super reliable. AEVO aims to serve chunky industrial cameras with advanced technology:

- Massive payload - 20lbs (9Kg)

- Carbon fiber material

- M600 & custom drones support

- SDK integration



Buy 1 AEVO GET 1 Damping Free Now!


More about the AEVO:

Available on website:

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DSTECHUAS Thor 900 X8 drone

The Thor 900 is a compact X8 octa-rotor drone with a tough, foldable body that can meet a variety of industrial tasks: mapping, surveillance, inspections, and more.Especially fit for the shipping industries.
The X8 uses a frame-type mechanism design. The aluminum and carbon fiber fuselage greatly reduces the weight and improves the strength. Therefore, the maximum load limit of the drone has risen to 7 kg. And could reach 80 min flight time without payload.






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HD Air Studio’s 3-axis UAV gimbal for 1.3 kg payloads has been selected by Bergen Robotics for an autonomous camera system using AI for imaging powerlines. This innovative visual system uses fixed and steerable sensors combined with robotics and artificial intelligence algorithms to autonomously capture detailed images of powerline components.

With two sensors installed on the gimbal – one camera is used by the AI and the other high-resolution camera captures detailed images of specific components. This prototype of the autonomous payload system is now working, delivering sharp imagery at the speed of 10m/s.

Raising the bar in gimbal performance 

10585245869?profile=RESIZE_400xWe’re proud that Bergen Robotics has chosen to build its visual system upon the HD Air Studio gimbal. It’s our goal to create UAV gimbals which perform much more sophisticated tasks than just image stabilization. This project makes a great example of how users of our gimbals can communicate with the gimbal’s on-board computer, autopilot and perform advanced automated tasks” – Kuba Jakubczyk, CEO of HD Air Studio comments.

Autonomous payload system for infrastructure inspection

The collaboration between HD Air Studio and Bergen Robotics incorporates HD Air Studio gimbal functionality into Bergen Robotics AI-driven visual system. Our system will deliver sensor information – usually images, supplemented with high precision positional and directional metadata. It is also possible to embed any information provided to the planning software that the customer might need for the internal use, e.g., object identification” – Nils Jacob Berland from Bergen Robotics explains.

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10581921891?profile=RESIZE_584xThe best selling fuel cell for drone is also the lightest fuel
cell available per KW. 2000W hydrogen fuel cell and
controller:. This hydrogen fuel cell stack for UVA is featured with
950w/kg power density. lightweight, power-dense UAV fuel cell
modules allow customers to bypass the
constraints of traditional battery technology, significantly extending
drone flight times and ranges while producing clean DC power in a
robust and lightweight package Our drone Fuel Cell Power Modules
(FCPMs) are ideal for a wide range of professional commercial
applications, including offshore inspection, search and
rescue, aerial photography and mapping, precision agriculture and more.
2000 W Air Cooling Fuel Cell Stack for UAV
3.7KG, SIZE 241*155*229mm


•This hydrogen fuel cell stack for UVA is featured with950w/kg power density.
• Operation on dry hydrogen and ambient air
• Robust metal Full cell construction
• Ideal for hybridization with battery and/or super-capacitors
• Proven durability and reliability for
• Multiple configuration options providing modular and scalable solutions
• Range of stack options to fit different application requirements
• Low thermal and acoustic signature
• Series and parallel connections possible
2000 W Air Cooling Fuel Cell System
Fuel cell system includes: stack, power management unit, fan, solenoid
valve, temperature sensor, temperature and humidity Sensor and
control software 

further details here 



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New mission: Rescue victims from an avalanche

Gremsy was handling Wiris Security on the wings of Hexadrone in a demonstration of avalanche victim search with the drone on the Val Thorens ski area.10544670487?profile=RESIZE_710x10544670676?profile=RESIZE_710x

The search for buried victims is a real challenge. It engages teams in a very hostile environment and the intervention time is essential for the victim.

The drone has shown its effectiveness in this critical mission, research teams less exposed to risks, reduced intervention and search time, and accuracy of the location of the victim.
It is the tool that will revolutionize research on the ski area.

Credit: Hexadrone

 About Pixy WS:

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Pixy F is now available on the website with a $300 discount. Let's grab your deal.

The Pixy is a new generation of small form factor gimbal, that packs capabilities of current technology into a module that fits in just the palm of your hand.
This compact gimbal offers the optimized size and weight for an extended flight time.


Pixy F in a solar panels inspection.


Moreover, Pixy F can assist in many industrial works as line inspection, gas inspection, oil inspection, mapping, modeling, etc.

Here are some pictures of Pixy F and Filr Dou Pro R with the Viewcopter drone.




 Photo by: Rudi Schneeberger

Discover more about Pixy F: Pixy F | Tailored For Dou Pro R

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It’s been a couple of years since Sony launched UMC-R10C to the market and also a couple of years since HD Air Studio developed its first drone gimbal for this industrial camera, but still Sony UMC-R10C integrated into a precision UAV gimbal remains popular among drone mapping and autonomous inspection providers. 

We’ve developed Sony UMC-R10C drone gimbal, as a 2-axis drone gimbal and a 3-axis drone gimbal, for KVS Technologies Team, who was looking for a ready-to-use gimbals for inspecting power grids. KVS Technologies provides power companies with a safe and efficient way to monitor the conditions of their overhead power lines. 

Not only image stabilization, but also serial communication

Sony UMC-R10C drone gimbal developed by HD Air Studio offers vast integration possibilities. Unlimited continuous rotation in the pan axis with the built-in slipring connector allows for serial communication and power supply.

Sony UMC-R10C drone gimbal, just like all HD Air Studio gimbals can be combined with powerful data processing software. Users of our gimbals communicate with the gimbals on-board computer, autopilot and perform commands defined by the gimbal operator or some automated tasks (e.g. to change settings, control gimbal, retrieve real-time data, execute various actions, etc.).

Creating a drone gimbal for all weathers

As autonomous drone inspections of various assets are frequently conducted in difficult weather conditions, KVS Technologies needed a camera stabilizer that was not only mechanically resilient but also weather-proof. For this purpose, HD Air Studio created a waterproof camera enclosure – a special sealing protecting the very camera that is integrated with the gimbal.

HD Air Studio can design weather sealing/enclosure that are seamlessly fitted to the custom gimbal. Our enclosures are compliant with even IP65 ingress protection code (protection against low pressure water jets from any direction, as well as condensation and water spray), as defined by the international protection marking EN 60529. 

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Smaller and lighter than ever, Mio is the smartphone-sized gimbal tailored to meet the needs of industrial uses.10511147286?profile=RESIZE_710xWith powerful motors allowing payloads up to 400g, Mio has versatile compatibility perfect for your target missions.


Mio features a smart camera mounting solution without using the top bar, making your set-up cleaner but still excelling in performance.


Capturing distinct camera angles from any perspective with three different mounting options: bottom, top, and front mounting.


Mio is compatible with the Gremsy SDK to meet the requirements of those building solutions for various industrial applications.

Connect your system with the COM2 port on the MTX Hub of Mio.

Discover more about Mio:

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Pixy WP is the customized version of the Pixy series gimbal, tailored-made for Wiris Pro and Wiris Agro R to meet a range of commercial and industrial applications. Not just compatible with Pixhawk and DJI A3 FC, Pixy WP is well-built to support the M300 RTK drone via using gPort, empowering users to leverage superior advantages in inspections, mapping, surveying, precision agriculture, and more.
Apart from supporting drones using Pixhawk and DJI A3 FC, Pixy WP also allows you to integrate your payload with M300 RTK drone via gPort, adding more efficiency to your missions.
No balancing nor tuning required, Pixy WP gives you the superfast setup time within seconds, ready to plug and play with your drone easily.


Specifically made for WIRIS Pro and WIRIS Agro R, Pixy WP fully supports the powerful capabilities of these thermal sensors to play in the field of precision agriculture, mapping, surveying, and inspection.
Discover more about Pixy WP: Pixy WP | Tailored for Wiris Pro & Agro R
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Gremsy PE is purpose-built for an effortless integration with Auterion & Mavlink compliant drones. With its ease of deployment and simple operation, the new lineup is a perfect enterprise-ready solution.



Adhering to the Pixhawk Payload Bus standard, Gremsy PE is equipped with a new quick-release operating on a sliding mechanism, helping PE gimbals plug and play with most Pixhawk-based platforms, including Skynode, Pixhawk and Cube. I/O interface on the PE hub makes it simple and straightforward to connect with your Flight controller system and companion computer.


In collaboration with Auterion, we create Gremsy PE for seamless integration with the Skynode system. Now it’s your turn to deploy fully advanced Auterion’s drone ecosystem capabilities for industrial missions.



And with MAVSDK & gSDK compatibility, Gremsy PE allows you to develop products or applications related to gimbal control by connecting the COM2 on PE Hub to your system.
Gremsy PE is now available in two versions: T3 PE and Pixy PE. Both support similar cameras to their standard versions, offering a variety of payload options to suit your needs.

 Discover more about Gremsy PE: Gremsy PE | Powered by Auterion & MAVlink compliant drones

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Pixy SM is specially designed to integrate the leading professional M300 RTK drone with the full-frame mirrorless Sony α7R IV camera, offering an unbeatable combination for precision aerial mapping missions.


Utilizing the built-in advanced processing module, integrating with M300 RTK is quick and straightforward within seconds.
Just mount, connect, and you’re ready to go.



With Pixy SM, the most powerful drone and superior sensor are now perfectly combined for industrial operations, making your entire system clean and easy to deploy.


Discover more about Pixy SM: PIXY SM | Precision Mapping Gimbal for M300

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It’s been almost a year since being stuck on a remote Fiji island, due last year local COVID travel restrictions. The island that split in half by the international date line.

The restrictions have been lifted, but I am still there, mapping parts of the island.

I use Open Drone Map open source project to process my mapping.

At some point I got a number of maps, but not many easy, fast and simple options to share them with my clients or with whoever else I needed to share them. Share with those, who does not have GIS background, tools and knoledge to open geoTIFF files. I also needed to conveniently store and archive some of my maps online where they could be easily uploaded through slow internet line, accessed, shared, done some simple operations on them like area and distance measurements etc.

So my brother and I both software developers and myself with some drone and mapping background started this pet project.

It took some time to figure out and put some complex things and logic to work together. Like Geoserver for example. Some modules from our previous projects, some Golang and JS programming time, to make it all work under the hood. It still in development and might have issues, I am currently working on improving the user interface, while my brother takes on complex backend challenges, nevertheless I already find it pretty handy to use it for sharing my own maps. In case someone wants to try it too and give some feedback, feel free follow the link bellow.

It might not work in Safari browser though as we’re not fortunate Apple device owners, so it's never been tested there. In case someone tries it in Safari and it does not work, let me know :slight_smile: we will try to do something about it but Chrome is the browser for now.

So what MapHub can do for now.

  • You can upload your processed geoTIFF images in different ways, By uploadig in your browser directly or by feeding it with Mega or Google Drive cloud storage links so you files will be pulled and adopted in the background.
  • It might take some time to process the images depending on their size, but at a result you should see them projected on the world map. With either OSM or MapBox satellite background.
  • There are some vector tools on the right that can be applied over your map for some marking or measuring purposes, they are still under development but work in general
  • It's handy collaborating. So I can put some mark over my geoTIFF map and someone else can see them and add theirs.
  • You can share your maps with others, making them public or private with permission to access them for specific people only
  • Make your maps “read only” or allow people to put vectors over them for some collaboration work
  • Share specific extent of the map in full access or “observer” mode
  • Allow to download the file for your client or just view it

In order to upload maps and do stuff you will need to sign in. Sign up / Sign is currently possible through Google account only.

Feel free to share your feedback and features ideas if you tried it, found it useful for yourself and thought of some extra features that would be good to have there.

Bellow there is a link zoomed to Fiji where I display some of my maps for demonstration purpose, but feel free to zoom to your area and upload and share your stuff.

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