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Fixed my pdb problem and everything, all the motors arm and run all right at the exception of motor 1.

Motor 1 seems too be at least 20% slower than the other 3.

I have re calibrated manually and automatically 3 or 4 times. 

This is absurd.

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4 Replies · Reply by Kornelia 17 hours ago

Dual GPS

I'm using Pixhawk and added 2 GPS receivers however, only one of them is receiving signals. The first is pluged into the Serial 3 (GPS) port and the I2C port. The second is plugged into the serial 4 and 5 port. GPS_AUTO_CONFIG is set to 1. GPS_AUTO_S

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OK, a bit of background first.

My 3DR Y6 had been sitting in the attic for a couple of years, so I dusted it off and got it back in the air.  I still need to tune it, but I flew it first in front of my house (just hovering), and then decided to take i

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4 Replies · Reply by Jeannette Contreras Nov 7

PhD Research

I'm writing a PhD thesis on the civilian adoption of drones in the UK and how they are altering power relationships. As part of this wider research, I'm looking for insights from the modifying/operating community. If you have a spare two minutes coul

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4 Replies · Reply by Fridrich Chillwel Nov 3

Tower Android App

I use the Tower App for communication between my drones and my Android phone. I uninstalled it recently by mistake and I can no longer find it on the Play Store to re-install it. The earlier versions of Droid Planner  are not there either. Is there a

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5 Replies · Reply by wuns chtaria Oct 24

uBlox problem

Hello friends Diy Drones,I got a new GPS Kit Ublox and did the installation but the ArduStation stopped working.I made the necessary changes in line 1-7 to uBlox as follows:/ / 1-7# define GPS_PROTOCOL 2 / / 0 = NMEA, SIRF = 1, 2 = uBlox, Choose prot

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