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The question has been asked before a long time ago but i havn't heard anything of it ever since. Is it possible to find out if a waypoint has been reached? Does dronekit implement this mavlink message? I'm programming a drone to stop for a few second

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responsiveness of the UAV

I hope you will come to understand my problem because I do not speak English very well.
I run my drone only by applying Dronekit in a python program.
I send alternately a command to change the speed of the drone (send_mavlink with a message like

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Relay with PixHawk 4

Good morning all,
I am currently working on a surface drone project. I use the PixHawk 4 as a flight controller. I want to control a 12V lamp that I will activate or not this lamp. For this, I tried to control it simply with the light function but sin

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