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Fleet management

Hello all, 

This whole concept of drones has gone to the very high level. With plenty of players in the market already, the idea of managing a fleet of drones has become crucial which will help the users/makers/leasers manage their drones. I am trying

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Don't know if this is the correct place to post this but anyhow it is where I am.

I am building my first hexcopter.  I am using a radiolink AT10 transmitter and receiver.  the manual indicates that I need to link the receiver with the transmitter and

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Twin Goblin VTOL [Needs Help]

I'm stuck on this problem with a lot of questions why doesnt Qautotune work with my tailsitter? why does everything look so good but after transitioning back to Quad mode it goes super stupid.

Please check out my video and files.  Your comments are we

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