Hello guys,
Could you please recommend some internet available articles and books on the basics of using drones,how they function, what do they consist of, especially in archaeology? (I need literature that I can quote in my work, so I can't use forum topics and similar things, sadly :( )

 I am doing my BA thesis on the use of drones in archaeology, but I am a bit stuck.

I could also use some literature on the history of remote sensing techniques, especially drones, but also satellite images and other aerial photo techniques. I am so grateful to anybody who finds time to help me out with this thing :)

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  • it is, really. I am not surprised. New technologies are very helpful to restore our history knowledge nowadays.
    • Agree. I am fascinated by the fact of how enormously they helping human civilization to restore historical artifacts. When I was reading historical criticism essay examples for my classes at uni, at https://graduateway.com/essay-examples/historical-criticism/ I noticed that 80% of the pictures of their examples was taken from all kind of drones, robotic mechanics, etc. That helped me a lot during my studies back then. So, I agree with you.
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  • Wow, impressive!
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