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Gremsy introduces the integration solution for DJI drone platforms

 gPort is an add-on accessory enabling users to integrate Gremsy gimbals with M300 RTK & M200 Series V2 drones, adding a new level of efficiency to commercial missionsGPORT FEATURESCapturing and live-streaming video from DJI drone systemAutomatic geotagging by GPS (currently Flir Duo Pro R, other cameras is supported later)Camera controls & settings on DJI Pilot appGimbal controls & settings on DJI Pilot app Get more details about gPort: 

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Dream Set-Up

Hey,So imagine you had no financial restrictions whatsoever.What would be your wildest dream set-up. I want you guys to really go over the top, but compinents have to be available on the market right now.Let's hear what you got!

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Drone Building Course

Hello Everyone:My name is Ward and I am brand new to the Forum. I am also brand new to drone building and I am looking to design and build my own drones. I did take Electronis Engineering in College about a million years ago (when almost everything was still analog) so I recognize everything has changed. Been working in the IT industry and house building for the past 3 decades. Can anyone recommend a good, in depth drone development course. I am looking for something I can sink my teeth into…

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