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MLB World Series 2020

2020 World Series is here you can now access MLB Streams without any hassle. It's free for the true fans. MLB World Series 2020World Series 20202020 World SeriesThe World Series World Series GameMLB World SeriesWorld Series LiveWorld Series Live StreamWatch World Series OnlineLive World Series StreamWorld Series 2020 LiveMLB World Series LiveMLB World Series Live StreamWatch MLB World Series OnlineLive MLB World Series OnlineWatch World…

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Pixhawk Raspberry Pi Connection

Hi AllI have a question or maybe a clarification.I been seeing everywhere,whenever RPI and Pix are connected - it is suggested to do over Telem1/2 to RPI seriial Pins or use a FTDI connector to a RPI USB.What should happen if we connect it directly from Pixhawk USB to RPI USB?I tried that connection and it still works atleast for reading Flight data using Dronekit. Just wanted to know , why it is recommened to connect over telem port!Thanks in advance !

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