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What are your main considerations while purcahsing a drone?(Seek answers online)
Take T-Drones M1000 for example. Check the video then tell me do you like it? Give your reviews about what aspects does T-drones attract you most.


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Phantom 2 based f450

Hi all,

I'm trying to revive a half dead Phantom 2 by moving it's parts onto a F450 frame. While all is almost operational, one of the motor seems to spin less so I'm thinking changin all the motors to a better ones so the drone could lit more weight.

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Human Flying Drone

The future of drones is not just for taking great aerial photos and gathering data. It’s also giving us the “flying Cars” or “Manned Drone” that humankind has been talking about for so many years. Imagine your daily commute with no more traffic jams,

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building my first fpv

Hey everyone,


I’m new to the world of FPV. I would really like to build a ‘long range’ cheap FPV quad but I’m really a newbie in this domain. I would like to order the down-listed components but I don’t know if it is right. Can you'all please tell me

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