I took my Tarot 650 Sport quad out for a test flight today. It seemed to fly okay though yaw control is very quick and I need some practice holding the same altitude. After a minute or so of flying I switched flight modes to RTL. The aircraft flew to a spot, hovered for a second or so and then gradually descended. It seemed to hesitate a second or so a couple of inches above the ground before settling down for a nice touchdown. Then I made my rookie mistake. Forgetting that the aircraft will disarm itself after a couple fo seconds of not being able to descend further, I tried to manually disarm it myself by moving the left stick all the way to the left. The controller interpreted this command as yaw CCW and responded, but since it was on the ground, it tipped over on its left side.

The two 17" tarot propellers on that side folded but all four motors were stil running and I was unable to disarm the aircraft. I couldn't think of what to do, other than try to right the aircraft manually. I made sure that the throttle was at idle, set the transmitter on the ground and carefully reached for the two motors that were stuck. I carefully righted the aircraft and after a second ot so it disarmed itself. The two motors were very hot to the touch while the other two that were spinning freely were cool to the touch. I am concerned that I may have damaged the other two motors and don't know how to test them other than attempt another flight. Does anyone have any insights?

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