Loveland, CO

About Me:

Retired since 2009. I left the hobby around 2022 after a tragic crash of my home built Tarot 650 Sport due to a propeller separation. I have decided to return by building a new Tarot 650 quad using old tech - Ardupilot, analog video and a GoPro camera. Will also navigate the new laws and restrictions.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I have previously built several quadcopters as well as one hex. All have crashed as part of my learning experience - pilot error, mistakes in flight controller configuration and mechanical problems. I miss building my own aircraft and have decided to build one more: a Tarot 650 Sport quad using old tech - Ardupilot/APM, analog video using a GoPro Hero 10 camera on a 3-axis gimbal. I am also interested in navigating the gauntlet of regulations and documenting my experience.


Loveland, Colorado

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Brian Buckmaster posted a discussion
I took my Tarot 650 Sport quad out for a test flight today. It seemed to fly okay though yaw control is very quick and I need some practice holding the same altitude. After a minute or so of flying I switched flight modes to RTL. The aircraft flew…
May 14
Brian Buckmaster posted a discussion
The maiden flight of my Tarot Sport didn't go well. It was very unstable and ended in a hard landing causing some minor damage. I recorded the flight with the onboard GoPro and upon reviewing the video I could see that there was significant jello…
May 6
Brian Buckmaster posted a photo
Just waiting for a replacement vtx to be delivered on Friday.
Apr 30
Brian Buckmaster posted a discussion
I have pretty much completed the build of my Tarot Sport Quad:This has been the most troublesome build I have ever undertaken. Aside from mistakes I made, false assumptions, buying some used equipment online that didn't work for me, I had quite a…
Apr 26
Brian Buckmaster posted a photo
My build is essentiallyl complete. I'm just waiting on a preprinted FAA ID sticker to apply to the aircraft and a replacement gimbal control cable that I accidentally damaged. I have Mission Planner on my laptop and can communicate wirelessly to the…
Apr 25