Retro Tarot Sport Quad Build

I have pretty much completed the build of my Tarot Sport Quad:


This has been the most troublesome build I have ever undertaken. Aside from mistakes I made, false assumptions, buying some used equipment online that didn't work for me, I had quite a number of challenges to overcome. At this point, the aircraft is ready to fly, but I'm waiting on a preprinted FAA ID sticker to apply to the airframe as well as a replacement gimbal that I need to cannibalize (I damaged the 8 pin ribbon cable that goes from the gimbal control unit to the gimbal assembly). I am using an APM 2.8 flight controller, which required my searchng the archived library for a suitable version of Mission Planner. All calibrations have been successfully completed: accelerometer, compass, radio, etc.

I have installed a Holy Stone FAA compliant Remote ID broadcast module which works though I don't know if anybody will monitor its signal when I fly. I had to take and pass a four part exam in order to obtain my FAA registration number and since my vtx can output 1 watt of power, I need to get a HAM technician license for which I am currently studying. I hope to take it out next week on its maiden flight - I have four test flights planned, each one exercising more functionality, culminating in a waypoint mission which will be flown by the autopilot while I monitor its progress in Mission Planner running on a laptop as part of my ground station.

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