How To Balance Large 17

The maiden flight of my Tarot Sport didn't go well. It was very unstable and ended in a hard landing causing some minor damage. I recorded the flight with the onboard GoPro and upon reviewing the video I could see that there was significant jello effect suggesting excessive vibration. So, I decided to try to check the balance of the propellers. The problem is that I cannot use the typical balancing tool as is:



The Tarot propellers do not have a hole all through the center:

12490512687?profile=RESIZE_710xI hit upon a solution. Using a pair of zip ties, I secured the propeller to the balancing shaft. I had to use two zip ties becuause the head of one unbalances the assembly, so I used two of them taking care that the head of each are on opposite sides of the shaft:

12490514888?profile=RESIZE_710xThis allowed me to check for balance. One of the front props was evenly balanced:


while the other front one was off by just a little bit:


After I apply some clean nail polish to the lighter blade to balance, I will check the back propellers in the same fashion. 

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