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Chief Technology Officer for Kashmir-Robitcs, a division of Kashmir World Foundation.

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Interested in using robotics systems for protecting endangered species.


Great Falls, VA

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Ronald Pandolfi replied to Ronald Pandolfi's discussion How well to fixed wing planes follow routes with intermittent GPS?
"Hi Jesse .. I am forwarding the GNSS data to a companion computer and calculating the difference between actual and perceived position along the way .. As I think you are suggesting, the performance of the EKF without GNSS depends on the quality of…"
May 10
Ronald Pandolfi posted a discussion
The drift rate on internal gyros has been reduced since the first generation Pixhawk, and the extended Kalman filter has been improved. How has this effected the ability of a plane to follow routes? How often does it need GPS in order to keep flying…
May 7
Ronald Pandolfi replied to Ward Hum's discussion Drone Building Course
"It depends on how deep into autonomy that you want to advance. After you understand propellers, motors, ESCs, Power Distribution, Power Modules, RC Radios, Telemetry Radios, Flight Controllers, GNSS Sensors, etc.; you may want to proceed with…"
Feb 20
Ronald Pandolfi replied to nick rymer's discussion Win 10 Laptop not seeing Sik radios
"I successfully installed drivers and verified the telemetry radio connects in Windows 10. The optimal approach is to plug your telemetry radio into your laptop, run Windows Update, and select Optional Updates. The proper Silicon Labs CP210X USB to…"
Jul 20, 2023
Ronald Pandolfi posted a discussion
Some types of aerostructures are not RF transparent at 2.4GHz, and some aircraft designs use internal RF shielding. Both types require externally mounted RC antennas. We are fabricating an aircraft using carbon fiber aerostructures that are not RF…
Jul 11, 2022
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May 14, 2021
Ronald Pandolfi replied to Ward Hum's discussion Drone Building Course
"Hi Ward, We host in person drone building workshops -- da Vinci Build a Drone Workshops -- and we have done similar Workshops virtually with a local host such as a High School science teacher. We have even done some entirely virtual workshops in…"
Apr 21, 2021
Ronald Pandolfi replied to Tejesh's discussion Which LiPo battery connector (for example, XT 150) should we use for around 200 amperes of current for drones?
"The current handling of your system is determined by your gauge of wire. There are many types of battery connectors other than the XT series. Select a connector with diameter slightly larger than your wire. If your wire slips into the solder cup…"
Apr 16, 2021
Ronald Pandolfi posted a blog post
Endangered Snow Leopards and their habitat are under threat, KwF to use drones to protect these elusive cats of the HimalayasFor more than a decade, Kashmir World Foundation (KwF) has been operating aircraft around the world protecting endangered…
Apr 15, 2021
Ronald Pandolfi replied to Nick Sorgio's discussion Holybro S500 Kit Information
"Hi Nick, You could work with an aircraft as small as an F450 or fixed wing as small as Nano Talon. Smaller the better for learning. Easy to pack, easy to setup, and all relatively safe. If you want to learn how to integrate DroneKit, OpenCV,…"
Apr 13, 2021
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Feb 25, 2021
Ronald Pandolfi commented on Fernando Villella's blog post NexuS UAV presentation
"Please share the cad files so others can try and/or adapt!"
Feb 14, 2021
Ronald Pandolfi replied to brayan's discussion cheap drones
"Depends on whether you are a photographer and want something to lift your camera, or you want to work with your copter and camera. If you want to work a bit, you might try and F450 frame built copters. They are similar to the Phantom, but much more…"
Feb 13, 2021
Ronald Pandolfi replied to Escobar's discussion Pixhawk Raspberry Pi Connection
"Hi Escobar .. People recommend what they find most useful, and for many people Telem1 is for telemetry and Telem2 is for companion computer .. The connection works just as well with USB, with a connection string that is identical for all companion…"
Oct 20, 2020
Ronald Pandolfi replied to Ash!sh Agrawal's discussion ESC for EMAX RS2205 2300kv BLDC
"HI Ashish .. You can "tune" ESCs via a BlHeli parameter set, but normally that would not be required to operate your quad .. Also flight controller parameter tuning should not be required for you to operate your quad. Go ahead and fly using all…"
Oct 12, 2020
Ronald Pandolfi replied to Ash!sh Agrawal's discussion ESC for EMAX RS2205 2300kv BLDC
"Hi Ashish ... it might be easier to ask questions by sending an email to info@KashmirWorldFoundation.org or Ronald@KashmirWorldFoundation.org

The "RC" port is the PPM RC input and the "SB" port is the PPM output. Zener diode is not required because…"
Oct 4, 2020