Pixhawk Raspberry Pi Connection

Hi All

I have a question or maybe a clarification.

I been seeing everywhere,whenever RPI and Pix are connected - it is suggested to do over Telem1/2 to RPI seriial Pins or use a FTDI connector to a RPI USB.

What should happen if we connect it directly from Pixhawk USB to RPI USB?

I tried that connection and it still works atleast for reading Flight data using Dronekit. Just wanted to know , why it is recommened to connect over telem port!

Thanks in advance !

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  • Hi Escobar .. People recommend what they find most useful, and for many people Telem1 is for telemetry and Telem2 is for companion computer .. The connection works just as well with USB, with a connection string that is identical for all companion computers (including all versions of Raspberry Pi). We prefer the USB connection so we can swap flight controller and/or companion computer without having to change the connection string. Use what you prefer.

    Ronald Pandolfi, Ph.D.
    Director, TACP-Network
    CTO, Kashmir-Robotics,
    a division of Kashmir World Foundation
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