NexuS UAV presentation

NexuS UAV presentation

I want to share the first flight of the third development of a fixed wing aircraft for autonomous flight.
This design was made entirely with composite materials and the molds made with 3d printers.
tests resulted in great aerodynamic efficiency and stability and maneuverability
final weight with full payload is 2.6 kg.
for the flight he was ballasted with the final weight for flight.
we estimate endurance of 90 minutes with 10,000 mA and 4S8529323882?profile=RESIZE_710x8529327272?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • How can I post here some other pictures ?
  • Good Fernando ;) thank you for sharing that we have been an inspiration for your work ;)
  • Please share the cad files so others can try and/or adapt!
  • What a beautiful design Fernando! I never saw this kind of tail before. Congratulations!
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