Hello fellow drone enthausiasts,

I build and work with drones, specifically for photogrammetry applications.

What has got me scratching my head for the longest time, is that is seems that all solutions I can find on the market have the drone (either lidar or photogrammetry) separated from the software that processes the data and makes it available for viewing. Even if the supplier offers software for processing, it seems you have to do this as a manual step.

Ideally, as soon as the vehicle lands, data processing is started and the 3D models and other outputs are available online.

Are there any such products on the market? It seems Wingtra, Atmos and DJI requiree the user to manually process the images by transferring it into a program.

Skydio marketing copy confuses me a bit. At one point they say "Skydio 3D Scan generates complete, indexed photo sets in minutes for assessment in field' and "Use your current 3D reconstruction software to produce 3D models of structures, scenes, or assets", but later on the website they say "Operator assesses data in field instantly using Skydio Onboard Modeling to easily click around the scanned scene".

So it seems they have some degree of onboard, maybe SLAM (realtime) 3D scaning going on. I believe Flyability also has realtime modeling, at least for collision avoidance.

If anybody could clarify this, it would be most valuable.



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