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Monocopter build

I'm trying to build a monocopter. It has one wing, one motor and one servo. Show Betaflight setup for a monocopter. Monocopter has one wing. Monocopter has one motor EDF. Monocopter has one servo. Servo moves Hiller flap at 90 degrees to wing axis. Magnetometer is used to control translation. show betaflight setup: 

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madflight - DIY Flight Controller RP2040 / ESP32 / STM32

Hi All!I'm working on madflight, a new DIY friendly flight controller for RP2040 / ESP32 / STM32 microcontrollers using the Arduino IDE. A fight tested release can be downloaded from Github: project is under heavy development, but the main components are working: IMU sensor fusion, PID control, radio control and telemetry, barometer and GPS. Converted Betaflight config files allow the code to run on most commercial flight controllers.

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Restrictions and options for spraying drones with total take-off weight less than 25KG

The European Union, China, Japan, South Korea, India etc. many countries that develop civilian drones have strict controls on drones, and there are three safety levels: L, M and H.If the weight of complete drone is less than 25KG, it is an open type. Buyers only need to register and take short training. However, if the weight is greater than 25KG, it will have strict flight area restrictions, appliaction restrictions and certification requirements.In India, due to the shortage of drone training…

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