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Vision-based navigation

I am looking for vision-based navigation systems.  Imagine an environment where no GPS or RF connection to the drone is available.  Can a drone navigate by (for example) looking straight down and following a road network? 

This project is crucial, and

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2 Replies · Reply by Adam Kris Jan 10


Hey guys am new to the forum and just doing some surfing about drones. I came across MicroDonres.

Was looking around for a price and found one and was very surprised. Are they really going for 11,000-20,000 US dollars??

If so what makes these so differ

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3 Replies · Reply by Jeannette Contreras Jan 9

Tower Android App

I use the Tower App for communication between my drones and my Android phone. I uninstalled it recently by mistake and I can no longer find it on the Play Store to re-install it. The earlier versions of Droid Planner  are not there either. Is there a

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6 Replies · Reply by Mike Martin Dec 26, 2023

DCL - the Game

Hey, just in case you haven't heard: The Drone Champions League published an early demo of DCL – The Game this week, offering outstanding flight physics, authentic DCL tracks and epic locations. The fast-paced, action fueled drone racing simulation a

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3 Replies · Reply by Sabrina Nunsie Dec 24, 2023


Fixed my pdb problem and everything, all the motors arm and run all right at the exception of motor 1.

Motor 1 seems too be at least 20% slower than the other 3.

I have re calibrated manually and automatically 3 or 4 times. 

This is absurd.

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4 Replies · Reply by Kornelia Dec 8, 2023

Dual GPS

I'm using Pixhawk and added 2 GPS receivers however, only one of them is receiving signals. The first is pluged into the Serial 3 (GPS) port and the I2C port. The second is plugged into the serial 4 and 5 port. GPS_AUTO_CONFIG is set to 1. GPS_AUTO_S

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1 Reply · Reply by Jeannette Contreras Nov 20, 2023