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Hi everyone,

I want to share what I've been doing lately: a new firmware for the minimOSD board.

You now may ask: why bother?
1) Personally I don't like how the existing firmwares (minimosd and minimosd-extra) are written. The code is a bit messy

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2 Replies · Reply by wuns chtaria Jun 26, 2023

Control surfaces for Pixracer


If this is the wrong place to put this please redirect me to the proper board. My issue is trying to configure the control surfaces from the pixracer to the mission planner software (Qgroundcontrol). The servos are being hooked up to channels 1 a

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1 Reply · Reply by Jannik May 21, 2023

DIY 350mm quadcopter

Hello and thank you for allow me to share my experiences with you. I am selecting my components and it's my first quadcopter. After some research I have the following components:

Frame 330mm: (160g)
Propellers 8045
Motor 2212 1400kv (192g)
ESC 30Amp Read

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8 Replies · Reply by Danial Berger May 21, 2023

Single Motor Quadcopter

I think it should be possible to have one powerful motor in the center of the drone and distribute its power over the four rotors, the speed of every individual rotor could be varied via a tiny CVT

I think I could build the mechanical part all on my o

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2 Replies · Reply by SherryHuang Apr 28, 2023

Book on UAV Sensors

Hello ,

I am looking for a book that helps me to understand how sensors for UAVs are designed so that I can design sensors myself . 

Can anyone please provide some suggestions.

Thanks in Advance.


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2 Replies · Reply by jeffrey762 Apr 24, 2023