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Drone spraying system

I'm building a drone with a small spraying system for a school project. It will used for spraying disinfectants. I know I'm gonna need a tank (500ml), a water pump and some tubes and nozzles. What other components do I need to build the sprayer and h

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Autonomous Flying Nano Drones

Hi all,
I am new in the forum and in the topic. I would like to program one or more nano drones in order to perform repeatable trajectories indoor. For example: 
- Take off from the center of a sport arena (indoor)
- Each drone goes to one of the corner

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Binding Transmitters/Receivers

I have been offered a RadioLink R12DS receiver as a gift.  In any write up I have read, the statement "This receiver can only be used with a RadioLink transmitter" (or words to that general effect) appears.

I am operating an FlySky-i6x at the present

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