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Im fascinated by the concept, that you can control something even though you are not even there.



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Jackson Sherpard left a comment on German Ardu-Group
"Huhu, ich hab die DJI P4P V2.0. Ich würde gerne mal das Projekt Marke "Eigenbau" starten.
Ich liebe einfach Luftaufnahmen. Auch wenn sie nur digital sind, wie in meinem Lieblingsfilm im Vorspann:
May 10, 2021
Jackson Sherpard replied to Max Gilson's discussion Open-source drone developer kit
"Hey Max,
this sounds great! There should be more people like you out there. I think sharing ideas and resources like that just make the experience really fun. You and your team could've definitely kept the tool set for youself but chose to make it…"
May 6, 2021
Jackson Sherpard replied to Peter Moysidis's discussion Newbie-Help tricopter help needed
"Thank you so much John. You saved me from wasting a lot of money on a seemingly bad product"
May 6, 2021
Jackson Sherpard replied to Ward Hum's discussion Drone Building Course
"Hey Ward. I'm also quite new to this. I'll just use this discussion to borrow all the helpful tips that people leave here haha."
May 5, 2021
Jackson Sherpard posted a discussion
Hey,So imagine you had no financial restrictions whatsoever.What would be your wildest dream set-up. I want you guys to really go over the top, but compinents have to be available on the market right now.Let's hear what you got!
May 3, 2021
Jackson Sherpard replied to Brett Smith's discussion This site has changed a lot since 2014?
"I can't really say much about how this platform changed, since I just recently joined. But maybe you could look around to find other formus for a more hacking/programming/tinkering foreward conversation.

May 3, 2021
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May 2, 2021