Newbie-Help tricopter help needed

Hi all, I recently got a tricpoter foldable frame from a friend for free. Together with 750kV motors, 20Amp ESCs and a KK Mini controler.

I have done a lot of reading online, videos etc but either diy information is old or confusing. I would appreciate any lead/input here pointing in the right direction.

Talking about DIY always, for two good reasons: I cannot afford a commercial product and second I want to learn.

I guess the main question is about the controller. Is KK worth it or should I move on to some other option? a modern controller that can actually take me into future upgrades.

Of course any other help is very much appreciated


Thank you


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  • Thanx John for your answer, you are right. I also did a lot of reading online, looks like not worth the trouble.
    I guess I have to look into other options. There is definitely a steep learning curve involved. Regards, Peter
    • Anytime my friend , I would definitely suggest an authentic Pixhawk or variant
      I am working on a Ebay find S500 size with a Radiolink PX4v1.0 and nothing has been easy with it . I have finally got it to where I can put on props and see if it will hover . at least... hopefully .. then maybe outdoors for a test or two .
      DO not get anything from radio link ever EVERRRRRRR
      if you are planning on doing anykind of respectable flying with a larger DIY use a holoybro pix4 something
      they are fully supported still and great community of help
      Ill be around
      • Thank you so much John. You saved me from wasting a lot of money on a seemingly bad product
      • Great feedback John, you saved me from a lot of trouble and frustration.
        Can't thank you enough.
        All the best for you
  • Ditch the kk as soon as you can. Ibe got one on a tri 900 and it is complete outdated crap.
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