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New MAVLink packets in SITL

I create my custom MAVLink packets in AP/Mission planner, its works fine when the software runs in my Pixhawk4, but I cant make this work in SITL.

Apparently it’s like no packages exist. Is it necessary to code something in sitl?

When I open the mavlin

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Recommendations for a gimbal

I am having trouble identifying which gimbals to buy/use and some advive would be appreciated.  I actually need two.  I need one gimbal to carry a Go Pro Hero 9 and one to carry a DSLR camera. I am thinking of using Ardupilot with APM planner 2.0, bu

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Drone Building Course

Hello Everyone:

My name is Ward and I am brand new to the Forum. I am also brand new to drone building and I am looking to design and build my own drones. I did take Electronis Engineering in College about a million years ago (when almost everything w

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PhD Research

I'm writing a PhD thesis on the civilian adoption of drones in the UK and how they are altering power relationships. As part of this wider research, I'm looking for insights from the modifying/operating community. If you have a spare two minutes coul

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more info about from pixhawk to raspi

Hi everyone !!
I have question. How can I send pixhawk location to raspi 4. I research this subject on the net and when I see it I have to use dronekit software. Does anyone want to provide additional information?
Note: I will be happy if you would l

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