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OK, a bit of background first.

My 3DR Y6 had been sitting in the attic for a couple of years, so I dusted it off and got it back in the air.  I still need to tune it, but I flew it first in front of my house (just hovering), and then decided to take i

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3 Replies · Reply by Jeannette Contreras Nov 7, 2023

uBlox problem

Hello friends Diy Drones,I got a new GPS Kit Ublox and did the installation but the ArduStation stopped working.I made the necessary changes in line 1-7 to uBlox as follows:/ / 1-7# define GPS_PROTOCOL 2 / / 0 = NMEA, SIRF = 1, 2 = uBlox, Choose prot

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2 Replies · Reply by wuns chtaria Oct 24, 2023

Engine Speed Problem

Hello. I'm trying to build a new f450 frame, pixhawk2.4.8 quad.

When I try to accelerate the motors there are only 3 speed levels.
Slow, Medium and Fast. There is no in between.
To explain in more detail, we gave power to the engines, they started to sp

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4 Replies · Reply by Charles Merrow Sep 23, 2023



New member here, glad to be around

I am sending you this to tell you about our collaboration with IoPA on mapping various methods to better understand how we can make material peer production more reliable.

More precisely, we are focusing on how

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2 Replies · Reply by Basroal teela Sep 21, 2023

DJI supports Russia

When you buy DJI, you're supporting Russia's war against Ukraine. I've owned several DJI drones, but I will never own another.

... DJI, sent drone parts — like batteries and cameras — via the United Arab Emirates to a small Russian distributor in Nov

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6 Replies · Reply by Basroal teela Sep 21, 2023


Hello to everyone on here!  You guys can thank Monroe for getting me involved with this project, he and I have been friends for quite a while now and we think a lot alike.  To make a long story short, we are working on a guided rocket project and the

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8 Replies · Reply by Basroal teela Sep 21, 2023

Mission planner language

Hello everyone,I will need some help to change the language in mission planner . My computer setting are in italian. I install MP and i change the language in the planner window in italian but I don't like it because the pronunciation of the English

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7 Replies · Reply by Austin Webber Sep 20, 2023