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DIY Drone Project

Hello! I am working on a project to help make building your own drone a little bit easier and I would really appreciate any feedback that I can get regarding the idea. Below is the link to a google form just to get some information about this group a

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PhD Research

I'm writing a PhD thesis on the civilian adoption of drones in the UK and how they are altering power relationships. As part of this wider research, I'm looking for insights from the modifying/operating community. If you have a spare two minutes coul

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Winged Tilt Rotor Aircraft

Hey guys,

I am new in the Forum here but have been working on some more unusual types of drones for over 5 years. My current project is a Tilt Rotor aircraft with a body shell similar to a canard aircraft. I built the first prototype last year and now

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FPV VR Streaming

hello all
I was trying to stream fpv video from my pc to android phone in a VR box.
I used several streamer servers and clients (vlc,virtual desktop,...) but I always get delays between video on pc and what is shown in VR Box.
please may you advise me w

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