In some area, such as natural reserves, wetland protection, drinking water sources, monitoring of marine, drone is an emerging detection tools to help people work more efficiently.

Due to the large supervision area, inconvenient transportation and remote location, it is difficult for people to supervise.



  1. Night detection, Mobile Operation

       Drones use thermal imaging to detect conditions at night. Take Yangda for example,the monitoring coverage of the Yangda Sky whale covers an area of 112.5km square kilometers.




  1. Overcoming Extreme Heat and Extreme Cold

Drone can fly under -20℃~45℃. The air Speedometer of the drone is with intelligent de-icing function and temperature control system that will keep the drone working properly.  Meanwhile, using frigostabile servo and  battery heater plate would be a good resistance to low temperature damage.



  1. Waterproof,Flying in the Rainy Day

It is difficult to make inspection in rainy days. Due to its anti-water design on the fuselage and air speedometer, the Sky Whale VTOL drone is weatherproof and can reach an IP55 rating. In this case, the waterproof VTOL aircraft can carry out urgent missions on rainy days, like search and rescue.


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  • As an avid drone enthusiast myself, I couldn't agree more with your insights on the positive impact that drones can have on our environment. I was particularly fascinated by your point about how drones can be used for wildlife conservation. It's incredible to think about how drones can gather data and monitor endangered species without disrupting their natural habitats. Even I working at as a resume writer so using drones is my hobby and I like it
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