• Did anyone managed to get it working? i want to build a cockpit like GCS with a stick, throttle and pedals.... so needs like 3 joysticks ... 

  • I would also love to have 2 joysticks. 1 for controlling the vehicle, and the other to control a payload such as a camera. This may be possible using 3rd party software running in the background of windows, however it will probably take some effort to get it built-in to mission planner.

  • Funny, I was exploring this possibility this very morning. I am attempting to connect a joystick, throttle and rudder pedals.

    Not having any luck so far but have a few more ideas. May be beating my head against the wall because it may just not be possible. This is something which would be great to implement though. If you get a answer from another source make sure to post it here and I will do the same.

    Thanks, and good luck :-)


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