I have been flying for a few months, but have never set a failsafe on any of my 3 drones.

I am looking at it now and I am a bit confused as to the right hing to do.

Firstly. I want to set my failsafe to RTL for all eventualities.

However, Should I set it up via the failsafe page on MP, or via the Failsafe option on my Taranis using a Custom input, or is it both!!

I have set the failsafe option to Enable always RTL, and the same for low batter at 10.4v.

I have set the failsafe option on the Taranis to no pulses.

Is that correct, or is there more I need to do?  I have left the FS PWM at 975.

What I am wanting to then happen is, that in the event of Taranis power failure, break in signal, or battery below 10.4v, the Hex will then go in to RTL mode (on GPS settings).

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