I’m looking for a new FPV camera for my arducopter. I bought one of the cheap ones from hobbyking (sony something), which is absolute crape for FPV. A little bit of sunlight and I can’t see any thing L


Could I get some suggestions for a good one, preferably from Hobbyking. And not the most expensive in the world. I see shrediquette.blogspot.com is using something called CMOS killer with a fish eye lens, but I cant find that camera.

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I have a few of these




They are only 420 line cams but they are not to bad.


Most of the 480/520/540 cams at readymaderc very good as well, i have a few of these and prefer them over others at hobbyking.



I have been looking at the first one, but the review is not so good. But if you say its good I might just buy it any way.


I’ve also been looking at this one from the DiyDrones store:



Any one experience with this?

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