I have a rant, guess who, Bl****dy HobbyKing again !

Big order with the HK comedians - shipped via scsexpress, paid the shipping. As soon as it lands in Europe!!!! (supposed to be shipped to the UK) they send a bill for well over 20% of the purchase price, which they have already paid out they claim, and refuse to deliver to the UK before their extra charges are paid. Keep in mind they have a Europe Wharehouse with the same prices as the global Wharehouse (Global ie for everyones use). A trap as far as I can tell - no mention anywhere that this is what they do - i.e they dont ship directly to you. There is also no mention that they ship to Europe before shipping to the UK on the HK website.

Another thing, is that different countries have different import rates. How is anyone supposed to know what the shipping company have paid out and how that relates to the holding fee they impose before they will complete shipment. I think its a money making operation - they bulk ship to there Europe Warehouse the cheapest way they can and then charge the destination countries rates to the customer, knowing that once they are inside Europe there will be no more charges (the free market and all that) and they pocket the difference in import duties. How can I be sure that the VAT and import charges I am being forced to pay ever reaches the UK Government.  I wouldn't be surprised if everything I ordered wasn't already in Europe anyway. 

Now as far as I'm aware there are legal situations where you can import items without incurring VAT or import duties, agreed, only  in special circumstances (Research and alike). The way HK have organised scsexpress shipping completely circumvents any of the situations where you don't have to pay the import taxes. They are definitely not being customer friendly lets put it that way! 

Another incident with HK. The first order I did with them I paid for with a debit card (I know stupid) - BIG MISTAKE - they LOST the order, never shipped the goods and after ages on their Live Chat they agreed to refund my payment - needless to say this never happened, NO REFUND so be warned (its wasn't enough to bother following up). 

Just a heads up with removing an item on backorder from a paid order with HK. They will happily remove an item from your paid order and say they will credit your points - CHECK THEY DO BEFORE you close your Chat - I had another 45 minutes on chat proving to them that they owed me money - more dodgy behaviour - I'm not sure how some of those people working on the Live Chat help at HK can live with the way they conduct themselves - I cant believe the person on the other end didn't know I should be refunded the difference, he did know he just didn't do it.

Oh - for anyone who doesn't already know, you cant use your own money (points - store credit to be precise, so your own money, especially if you have had a refund for any items) to pay for shipping from HK - another example of dodgy business practice. 

In my opinion - If you can get what you need anywhere else don't bother with HobbyKing they are more trouble than the difference in cost is worth. If my countries customs see's fit to charge me import duties etc. I am more than happy to deal with them - HK and SCSExpress have forced me to deal with them rather than an official government department. Its about time this company sorted its self out and stopped its dodgy business practice. 

I cant be alone about HK - putting together a concise list (to keep it short enough to read) of HK's dodgy practices on a sticky thread might stop them messing people about so much! 

Oh well rant over!



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I've ordered from them over 20 times without problems..but then with the last order they only delivered half of it.  After 3 months they're supposedly looking into it but I don't think i'll ever get the good or a refund.  :-(

As others have said - no problems when it goes well - if something goes wrong your in the doodo! Sorry to here you to have had issues. Good luck.

3/4 were okay for me.  Once they sent a broken transmitter and wouldn't pay return shipping or just send me a new one even after they had me take pictures and then even a video proving that it was broken.  Wasn't worth paying the money to send it back to hong kong.

They are quite crooked this way. They sent me something other than what I ordered and required me to pay return postage before they would allegedly send me the item I ordered. I never received what I ordered even after dozens of emails. My opinion of HK is that they blow hard.

I think this is a common theme - there is a reliance on people not sending things back because its not financially viable to do so. 

So why do people continue to spend with them? For the most part i believe its a price and availablity yes they do stuff up orders

and have drammas with freight/postage they are not the only ones, In most case everthing is fine until the human factors arrive packing, posting,delivering and  refunding. Are they the worst? who knows to work that out you would have to order from god knows how many r/c/fpv/drones internet web sites to figure it out. As with most purchase's ,cheaper is only good if nothing goes wrong.


I agree that things go wrong from time to time. It's how these problems are handled that sorts the good suppliers from the bad. Often it would seem that HK are the only source of parts for some projects, people use them because the concept behind the web site is great. Improving customer service needs to be prioritised in my opinion. 

Face it, HobbyKing has some great stuff at prices you can't come close to anywhere other than China.

Their Turnigy Nano Batteries, and even some of their motors and ESCs are actually very high quality and cost a fraction of what normal US distribution sells the equivalent for.

They do have both US and (International (from China) sales but they don't carry most of the stuff at their US sales office.

I have bought from both and not had any troubles, but even if an order gets messed up every once in a while, the price and quality make them hard to resist.

I have also bought from GoodLuckBuy and some of their multicopter stuff is of surprisingly high quality and definitely a value.

Most recently a Carbon Flamewheel landing gear with dual tube supported camera mount base for $50.00 and a 2 axis carbon camera mount for $28.00. Both are of higher than expected quality.

The bottom line is the economics of dealing directly with the Chinese are often compelling.

Very true - better service when things go wrong isn't too must to expect though. 

just to add to my earlier post i have now 24 orders from hobbyking from memory and all have arrived in good order and on time.


Turnigy Nano Batteries are not very good. I have been using 2200mAh, 11.1V and 25C continuous discharge(two of them). They perform well initially but after 10-15 flights it starts deteoriating. Now I get only 1750mAh capacity. I have been monitoring this data from very beginning. I am using it for 3DR quad. 

IMHO -Turnigy Nano is "icky", ok so they package them nicely but "very high quality"? Comparison is the key yes? Comparing to a battery I made in 7th grade for my science fair project? Perhaps you're right, comparing to a Thunderpower Cell then I would disagree 100%. If you must introduce cost into it then of course things change quite a bit, but discussing quality there are a whole number of ranges and factors to consider.


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