Hello, i have a problem with the newer APM and the MP. With APM 2.26 works all fine.

When i set  my modes in the setup menu in MP, i can see that the mode change to Manual at a PWM value of 2100. But in Flight data, there it will not show that it change to Manual, the other modes changes correctly.

See picture. ch8in 2100

But still in FBWA

Best regards.


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hardware manual is above 1750, i dont know how you are getting your 2100


        if (pulsewidth > 1230 && pulsewidth <= 1360)    return 2;
        if (pulsewidth > 1360 && pulsewidth <= 1490)    return 3;
        if (pulsewidth > 1490 && pulsewidth <= 1620)    return 4;
        if (pulsewidth > 1620 && pulsewidth <= 1749)    return 5;       // Software Manual
        if (pulsewidth >= 1750)                                                 return 6;       // Hardware Manual
        return 1;

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