i'm working on a project which aims to bridge the gap between simulink high level code

and arducopter low level code.

i bridge the gap by expanding the simulink library with block set(kind of toolbox)  which represent arducoper components, such as motors,remote control etc..

and by creating adapter code which help c code, which generated by simulink, to communicate 

with ardupilot original code ,with the help of some library functions.

because this kind of system is not a regular system, so regular unit tests will not work in.

i'm looking for suggestions how could i test the blocks which the user creates with simulink.

i would like to build kind of automatic test suit which test the code  virtually with sitl and physically  test the code on arducopter itself , to make sure this blocks work as expected.

where should i begin ? how do i retrieve information from arducopter to simulink?

i will appreciate any help.



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