This is sold at the DIYdrones store. I bought one - and I can fine no pictures manuals YouTube videos - zip, 0, 0.

Remzibi OSD 3DR- references can't be found.

Remzibi has not posted on RCuniverse, or DIYdrones for ~ six months.


Does anyone know why I can't find info on this OSD. Its a purple board with two button switches.

Every reference refers to early versions (red).


Please - bernienepper

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Wiki is here. The reason why there is not much info is that it is only new. Rembizi OSD has been around sine 2008 I think? Anyway a lot longer. 

Ardupilot Mega MinimOSD

 This is what your talking about


Remzibi OSD 3DR

This is what I'm talking about


Ah right you are. Should have read more carefully

I think that Remzibi OSD 3DR is from this design.

posts 3884 and 3885 give the impression it's the same OSD board.

Just thought I'd share some notes so far. I have it working with a seperate GPS module right now and editing the HappyKillmore Remzibi editor exe.


Thanks for sharing this information about pins.

A question please: Which pin is used for "Virtual ADC which keeps a running total for use with battery MAH consumption"?

It is done through the ADC 6 input and calculated in the Remzibi code on the ATmega32.

I'm using the Attopilot 90A sensor and works great. I am using a gain of 0.14286 on the advanced ADC config tab.


Hi Keith, do you know a way to enable/disable Remzibi OSD output using a spare channel from TX?

If you have the APM1 board, you could use the relay in series with the power. 
I'm just courious why?
I thought a bit more about your question and now I think I now know what you're trying to ask. 
You'd like to turn on and off the program overlay. That's a good question, and could be a neat feature!
I'll look into it for you. 

Indeed, this was the question. To hide or show Remzibi alphanumeric output signal (using a TX channel), but keep the video camera signal. Other OSD like EZOSD has that feature. I don't want to toggle power off/on the full rezmibi, but the alphanumeric only. I believe this would be a cool feature.

Hi Keith, Which pin should be used for RPM input or "Frequency Counter" (using optical sensor)? May I use a eagletreesystems optical sensor with Remzibi OSD? I did not find any info about sensors in the published manual for Remzibi.Thanks, Chris


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