Trying to setup UAV DEV BOARD and getting error when compiling.

I have connected the ICD2 and everithing works.
But when i try co BUILD the project i get this message:

Skipping link step.  The project contains no linker script.
BUILD FAILED: Fri Apr 23 16:48:41 2010

Where do i find the linker script ?

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it will be more easy for some one to help you if you post clear details first.
Which ICD2 are you using? link to product
which version of OS in your computer,
Which ver of matrix pilot are you trying to build/flash?
did you try to un-install and reinstall the whole set of software involved etc etc.while trying to rectify this problem your self first?
Most the programing related wiki is here, read it couple of times and see if you can figure it out your self. If the steps mentioned in this wiki are followed , there is good chance it will work unless some is different in your case or missing some thing.good luck
Did exactly as described in the document.
I use MPLAD IDE V7.31
Couldn't find the DEBUG/RELEASE option described in step 6

The icd is the original ICD2 from microchip .

The error during BUILD is :
Skipping link step. The project contains no linker script.
BUILD FAILED: Fri Apr 23 17:51:26 2010
the full wiki is also here .
Did you try MPLAB IDE 8.5 here ?
what code are you trying to compile/build/flash?
Do you mean Pickit2 when you say ICD2 from microchip ?Here is ICD2 trouble shooting guide.
Thanks for you help.

I have recieved the board a few months ago and had same problem the version was of the code was :

Now downloaded MatrixPilot-2_0_3 and same problem .

My mplab is installed on drive D: and not on the default drive C:

I added manualy this file :
D:\Program Files\Microchip\MPLAB C30\support\dsPIC30F\gld\p30f4011.gld

I discovered that "Library Files" and the p30f4011.h in the "Other Files" where pointing to C: drive
i have changed it to D: and now in compiles ok!!!!

The firmare is uploaded to board .

Currently i see only red led on but nothng is connected only reciever battery so that is probably OK .

Thanks for your effort .
Hi Igal, Glad to know that your are now compiling OK. A lot of people have found this video helpful at your stage.

You are right. If there is not radio connected with PWM signals going to channel 3 (Throttle) UDB input and channel 4 (Mode Channel) UDB Input, then you will just get a red light. As soon as you connect the radio receiver to the UDB correctly you should get a Green Light. Then you will need to get a GPS attached. Once it can acquire GPS (often best done first time outside), then after about 20 seconds the rudder / ailerons will waggle to confirm GPS acquisition (this is after they waggle to show Gyros calibrated). Only then, will you be able to change between the four modes (Manual, Stabilized, Waypoint and when the transmitter is off ... Return to Landing).
The last mode, RTL may take a little bit of work to setup depending on your transmitter / receiver failsafe functionality.
glad to know it compiles ok now, some times it is difficult to imagine such issues and possible causes :) with out getting into details.
Thanks for the feedback which will help some one else with similar issue. Pete's video is highly recommended to get you going further and get your bird up in the air soon. Good Luck and cheers
I have manage to compile and upload the latest version But i think there is a problem with the GPS reciever.
When i connect everithing on the gps recivers the red led lights very faint.
At first i thought it is because no gps signal indoors but tryed it outdoors waited more then 5 minutes same problem.

I have compailed a version with #define TestGains uncommented to check that everything works and it looks ok
The ruuder/ailrons/eilevator are working and correcting in the correct direction.

Any idea ?
Hi Igal,

The fact that the red led on the gps receiver has gone out is a good sign.
The UDB connects to the EM406 in binary mode, and for some reason, the firmware that is inside the EM406 turns off the red led when it is in binary mode. So, the fact that the red led has gone out is a good indication that the UDB is communicating with the EM406.

One of the hurdles for new pilots to jump over is getting the mode control working correctly. The red and green LEDs on the UDB are good indicators for whether the mode thresholds are set up correctly:

The green LED indicates whether or not the UDB thinks your radio is on, based on pulses that come in on the failsafe channel. The green LED is on when the UDB is receiving valid pulses on the failsafe channel.

The red LED indicates mode, after everything powers up and goes through the initialization and wagging:

red LED off : manual mode
red LED on : stabilized mode
red LED blinking : waypoint mode

Best regards,
The led on the GPS is red but very very faint hardly seen.
I have waited for about 10 minutes for the GPS fix (the 4 times movement of the rudder)
and nothing happens.

I have menuserd voltage on pins 5 and 2 on the GPS connector and it is about 4.3V same on the USART out pins 1 and 4 .
the input voltage from the batt is 6.5V

What should be the color of the led on the GPS module ?

I had similar problems, it very nearly drove me insane but, with the help of some of the group I am now programming the UDB like there was never a problem. Stick at it, dont give in, you will win in the end
Hi igal,
The LED on the GPS module should be off, or possibly be very faint.
The most important question right now:

Is the green LED on the board illuminated brightly? If it is, then we will look in one direction, if it is not, we will look somewhere else.

Also, Jonny is right, we will get things working for you, just be patient, we will go step by step.

Best regards,

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