Hi all,

I am flying for two years now my UAV helicopter. Its equiped with the Carvec autopilot system. This gives the helicopter full autonomous flight. Next to flying the helicopter, its also stabilizing and controlling my onboard Sony Camera.
The camera view is transmitted to the ground with a video transmitter fitted in the helicopter.
Overlayed in this video image is all the needed flight information.
All the communication onboard the helicopter is done with fast serial connections.

I am working now on a serial downlink for the helicopter (next to the video transmitter).
I dont want the overlayed video anymore, but the video and data on separate screens.
The idea is to develop a ground station for this helicopter, with a moving map, waypoints all the needed flight information and the posibility to download before flight (or uplink) a flightplan to the machine.
I was planning to do the programming for this in C++, but I did see some very impresive work done with LabView. Even did see a moving map on a LabView ground station.

So I am realy curious what can be done with LabView, any experts here?

Grtz Peter

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Not sure exactly what you mean by what can be done with LabView, but for an example the ArduPilot ground station is in LabView. We use Google Maps for the moving map. Details are here.

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