Ok, I am new to the ball game looking for direction.


I am wanting to purchase the Xbee Telemetry kit from the DIY Drones Store and I currently have (while older, around 2006) a BU-303 GlobalSat GPS. This GPS originall came as a USB enclosed GPS antenna.


I have removed the cover and disconnected the USB plug which was wired with the small 6 pin connector.


With that is mind, how do I hook the GPS to the Xbee. I cannot find a wire diagram for the BU-303.


I am hoping the connection is as simple as just connecting the 6pin to 6pin connector wire from the DIY Drones store but I don't want to hook up something wrong and burn something up. I want to get it right the first time.


Also would this GPS Bee Kit work with the Xbee Telemetry Kit to make things easier?


GPS Bee Kit

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The Xbee Telemetry Kit is for the APM. So the APM reads the GPS Coordinates and transmits them (among other information) to the receiver through the XBee Modules of the Telemetry Kit.

The GPS Bee Kit however is a GPS receiver that has the same pin configuration to be usable wherever a xbee module can be used (so if you have a xbee-serial connector you can plug in the GPSbee and you have a GPS receiver). So the GPS Bee has nothing to do with telemetry.


Since your GPS unit seems to have only a USB connector (correct me if I am wrong) it will be quite hard to interface with a microcontroller/xbee module or anything else but a computer as you would have to emulate a USB host. If you can't seperate the USB part from the GPS part of your thing I recommend getting a GPS module with with serial output (like that).


You don't seem to have any other hardware so getting the Telemetry Kit will not help you very much (neither will the GPS Bee). If I were in your situation, I would connect the serial output of the GPS to a Xbee Module through a XBee Explorer (or something similar - see: levelshifting 3.3 <-> 5 V). Then you would have to configure the XBee to forward the serial connection and basically connect the serial and power lines.


The reason why you didn't get any answers in the last 9 days is probably that your question reveals that you didn't do much research prior to asking these questions. Just use some keywords in my post as a starting point for your research.


P.S.: It is much easier to help you if you describe what you want to accomplish with your project.

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