Skyjib6 Drone over Murici Deposit a big enviromental project, and inside a mine at 180mtrs deep


This week we used one of our Drones (this time skyjib6 since its smaller than our cinestar8) to film a mining company  here in Brazil, This company is the fourth largest zinc producer in the world. One of the things they wanted us to film was the Murici Deposit. In the 60s a lot of rejected material (after zinc processing) was placed very near (100 mt) the Sao Franscisco River, one of the biggest rivers in south america (almost 3000km / 1900 miles long) and now over 50 years after the initial place the company started a US$250 million project to remove ALL the material to a new and high tech deposit, a very big one, it has over 50 ha of size and can receive over 15 million tons of material.


After removing the material, the old area will be recovered with the best reforestation technology avaiable and in 20 years it will be indistinguishable from the native forest. Right now the deposit and the reforestation is the biggest envirolmental project in Brazil. 




We are editing the video, but here's a picture of the hexa flying near the deposit. Its so big that we were able to get all the deposit only when we went over 180 meters / 590 ft the highest altitude we achived with this drone, it was SCARY...


This picture is not ours, its from an airplane but is to show the size of the project. 




The other picture is from inside the mine, that has over 7km of galeries at 2km deep, since at 2km it has 100% of humidity and a temperature of 35C we decided not to go below 200 meters, and using a NEX5n and a lot of light we flew inside the mine. :) 



Thanks for reading!

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