Good afternoon;

     I have basic knowledge about drones and I have tried making my own by 3D printing the frame and putting all the parts together. I have receiver set for PPM and my controller is Naze32. PDB is there and a hobbymate bLHeli 2S - 4S ESC. At the beginning all 4 motors were working and then I removed the parts to a put them in  a new frame and suddenly only 1 motor is rotating. The other 3 motors seem to spin briefly for

4 times then the motors beep twice. ALWAYS 4 TIMES SPIN.

1) I have tried switching the ESCs but that didnt work.

2)Tried switching the order and orientation and that didnt work.

3) Tried re-calibrating and updating the firmware, didnt work!!

4)LIPO battery is full charge.

I have uploaded a video on youtube, please HELP, because the only option I have is buying 4 motors for $40.



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