2.7.4 Beta DMP

I  was not able to find any discussion of the  DMP since  it was released .

So I  gave it a try  with the latest fixes from the Git trunk. since it turned out  2.7.4 Beta from downloads had a bug  with DMP init freezing.

On setup their is a slight offset in the  Pitch  that can not be corrected with calibration.

Flying  it seems to do some calibration on powerup and be off ballance if not level when powered .

After takeoff all seems well for a while but  more pitch was required to keep it in the same position with no wind  untill quit a bit of forward pitch was needed  and  on releasing  the stick  it would fly backward quite fast.





2012-10-08 16-05 4.log

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    Re 2.8.1

    "DMP works again by adding "#define DMP_ENABLED ENABLED``


    I think `` works`  is not a accurate  description of the DMP  at this point.    I have to say I am a little puzzled  at all the posts and hand wringing  when  the code was  not being released, and not a peep about it  since it has been released.

    I do appreciate the work of the developers and like the Arducopter  project  but find  information lacking sometimes.




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