20 great flights, then chaos....

Hi Everyone,

  I've had about 20 great flights with my hexcopter.  It's done great (except for two in air full motor stops - no idea of the cause, but it recovered).  I went outside to fly for a few minutes and I almost lost my hexcopter.  My remote input seemed to be regarded as mere suggestions.  Most of the flight was spent trying to get the hexcopter to follow my input.  At one point, the hexcopter motors stalled (not sure how many) and it fell sideways, but then recovered. After that, I did my best to get it back to the flat ground.  Fortunately, I had a near perfect (soft) landing.  My goal in the flight was to test Stabilize (simple) as a backup in case I got disoriented in the air.  So, in flight, I switched from stabilize to stabilize (simple) and back to stabilize.

  Attached are the logs.  Could someone please take a look at the logs to see if you see anything strange.  I've looked at the various graphs in Mission Planner, but they are not telling me anything useful.


Thank you.




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  • Dustin, 

    If you upgraded the firmware on the apm you might want to erase everything and reload the most current firmware. It seems that when you upgrade from one version to the next some variables don't get erased or rewritten which has led to 99% of my problems. 

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Aug 25