2.0.29 and planner modes problem

i just loaded 2.0.29 and when checking status in APM Planner it shows mode as empty until i change to modes then it changes to loiter or auto.  i loaded code with arduino and use cli to setup everything.

modes setup ok.  i was running 2.0.25 and status shows the proper mode.  i can only change between loiter and auto even though i have stable,simple,althold,loiter,gcsauto and auto setup on my radio.  i have not tried to arm my motors yet.

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  • thanks jason! other than that i love the code! my big and little quads fly great with default pids.
    thanks again for doing a great job and the quick response!
  • Developer

    The Mission planner may show the wrong modes until it gets revved. We had to offset all of our mode indexes by 100 for AC2 to keep them from overlapping APM. 

    The CLI should always be correct.


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