An update of the latest tests.The winners are 2 of the 3-blade props tested. If you want more speed, then choose the one with the highest top end. Response? Then chose the 6x4-3 Gemfan.

Thrust is in terms of excess thrust after lifting itself at 14.8 VDC. The most popular 250 Racer motor is used in all the tests. The same oversized ESC is used to minimize ESC impact.

Response is in terms of percent of target thrust achieved at various time constraints measured in Hz. The response test is extreme:

- full to zero throttle on the down response test (target is full throttle)

- zero to full throttle on the up response test (target is 0 thrust)

The ESC has braking turned off with no regenerative energy forcing the props to slow.

If you see a prop of interest not tested, please contact me.

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