2nd Crash on 2.0.37

I am testing 2.0.37 and although altitude hold on sonar and baro both seem much improved I am having issues with loiter and RTL.


When switching in to loiter the hexa moves in increasingly larger circles before I take back control.  I'm sure PID tuning will be the issue here.


When I select RTL, the hexa tilts to one side and moves back accross the filed towards where I fired it up but it then continues at speed past the launch point.  Although this has been a problem for the last few versions and may again be caused by bad PID settings - I now have a new problem.  As I try to take control back by switching to stable mode, I loose control of the quad it doesn't respond to my inputs - resulting in a couple of quite hard crashes.


I am a rc heli pilot and I don't panic when things go wrong.  In this case I can tell that the hexa is ignoring me when it flips to the ground


Sorry I don't any log files to include but I wondered if anyone else had noticed this.


I can't really go on testing in this was as it is proving quite expensive in props (more to break on a hexa.


Keep up the good work guys and thank you for any help in advance.....




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  • Sounds to me that your slew is set to low..  I have had similiar issues when switching back into stabilize mode.  If your slew number is to low stabilize can take over 3 sec. before you have full control of the copper.  In my case the slew  started out as 1..and I kicked my slew number up to 15. fyi  


     I am using version .35 fyi.


    //Custom Varialbes

    int slew_rate = 15;


    this is line 505

    good luck with the pid   settings

  • I have setup my Hitec Aurora 9 to mix two channels within the tx to allow me to use a three position and a two position switch which work together to give me six positions.  The info below is from someone who has setup the Hitec.  Each tx will be slightly different but if you search the forum you should find info on your tx.


    I have programmed switches C (3pos) and D (2pos) and got it to work by doing the following:


    Channel Setup:

    Ch 6: AUX1: Switch C - This is the one connected to the APM on Input #8

    Ch 7: AUX2: Switch D


    End Point Adjustments:

    Ch6: AUX1: +50%, -100%

    Ch7: AUX2: +100%, -100%


    Programmable Mixes:

    1. AUX2 -> AUX1, Rate +:+50%, -:+25%


    Now I get a full range of switch positions.  Maybe someone more intelligent than myself would refine this a little.  I just tweaked the EPA until I got a full range of modes.  I guess I should ensure they are close to the values specified in the APM manual.

  • I tried increasing the loiter D value some, but apparently not enough to make a difference. Pity I don't have telemetry yet to do it on the field...

    I have not seen this unresponsive behavior though. My mode settings is on a variable knob and I switch from simple to alt hold to loiter and back again. How do you have the mode selection in your radio?

  • I tested loiter today on 2.0.37 and I saw my quad moving around quite a bit. I had to use the stick to keep it from going back and forth too violently... I've got some video of it, but no full log as the log mysteriously ends a few minutes after starting! (The flash was not full since there was only one other log less than three megabytes on it.) I will test some more and hopefully come back with usable data... Default PID values on a 63 cm quad.

  • I had a similar issue as well. I was in ALT_HOLD and the quad was doing great at about 1 meter from the ground (~1 foot of altitude variance). After about 5 minutes of ALT_HOLD testing the quad drifted about 6 feet away into a house. The bad part about it was that I switched back to Stabilize mode with the throttle off and the motors kept spinning! I had to disable the motors before they burnt up trying to spin while upside down in the grass. I will see if I can get the log file off of the APM. I am using the standard quad from the DIYD store.

  • 100KM
    Hmmm, I was just about to go testing loiter, RTL and a mission on the field... I'm not so keen anymore now...
    What I did once to analyse a problem was take the hexa in my hand and switch it to RTL. BE READY TO HOLD IT AS IT WILL FIGHT TO GET AWAY ! Beter yet, REMOVE PROPS first.
    Then walk with the hexa towards the RTL point, switch back to stabilize and see what it does.

    You could also try to reduce the speed the copter uses to go to waypoints or RTL. In the planner, configuration tab, NAV WP section, the bottom value is the max waypoint speed in cm/s. Default is 600 cm/s (about 20km/h). I have set mine to 300 cm/s
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