3.0.1 Auto & Loiter with Failsafe

Hi guys.

I have a quad with 3.0.1.

Love the APM2.6.

I have an issue though i'm wondering if others have come across.

Iv'e realized in Auto missions that contain Loiter Turns or Loiter Delays that if my throttle position is below centre but enough to initiate an auto launch that when the mission gets to those Loiter functions the altitude drops.

Now i understand that throttle position adjusts height in Loiter modes and i understand that is by design and that makes perfect sense.

But, i have now setup throttle failsafe for auto missions. Without props and the main Lipo (simulation) the system works as i have set it up in that if i switch the radio off during an auto mission Auto mode stays on.

This is what i want as i may lose radio contact. The problem is that the failsafe requires the throttle to go to zero. If i have Loiter's in a Mission then i assume on radio loss at any Loiter the copter will drop rapidly.

Any advice on this one or am i mistaken ?



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  • Very interesting.  I was under the impression that (contrary to documentation) the Loiter Delay and Loiter Turns actually *were* paying attention to the Altitude parameter.

    I found that when I left it at zero, I was getting altitude drop (to earth!), but when I set it to the same altitude, it flew the mission well.  I didn't notice if I had changed my stick position between trials, which could be a totally separate explanation for what's going on here.  If you're saying that stick position matters *during* a mission, and impacts the loiter altitude, that's very good information.  I have to go test this.

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