I loaded 3.0 into my Udrones Hexa-C and did compassmot- 88% interference.  I did a test flight, and I saw curvey paths in auto with big variations in flight speed.  I saw the red line on the telemetry listing to one side, so I decided I needed a lower interference.  I installed an external magnetometer and got my interference down to 17 percent.  

So now I've done a second, identical test flight, and had much the same problem.  Tracks still curve, speed still fluctuates, and compass still lists.  Is it my PIDs?  I never had this problem before, I always adjusted crosstrack and tilt value to deal with it.

2013-06-25 17-01-41.tlog

2013-06-25 19-09 10.log

2013-06-25 19-09 10.log.gpx

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